About Us

AgentSquared provides marketing automation for real estate agents and brokers through software as a service. We build websites instantly with a single click using deep API integrations and channel partnership with MLS software providers.  

We help real estate agents sell more property and get new listings by providing automated marketing tools such as Instant IDX™ websites, social media sharing for new listings, and single property websites that are instantly created and updated through hundreds of partnerships with leading MLS organizations.

AgentSquared is a leader in providing marketing automation tools in the real estate industry, and is one of few companies that uses the National Association of Realtors Web API standard to instantly provision and create IDX websites.   

Using APIs to build and distribute software is a faster, better, more cost effective way to automate the marketing, creating value for everyone in the real estate value chain:  consumers, agents, MLSs and MLS software providers.   Consumers get more accurate up-to-date information when searching for homes because the property data is updated dynamically on the fly using a real-time API data integration with their MLS.   Agents get a better website, that easier to customize, and faster to create, costs less, and has more features and functionality because the website is tightly integrated with their MLS.   MLS associations save time, money and expense authorizing, provisioning and inspecting member websites for IDX compliance because the websites are sold and provisioned while their members are logged in.   MLS software providers partner with AgentSquared to create new revenue streams and provide additional features and services for their customers.

API stands for Application Program Interface.  It's a protocol that defines how computers talk to each other. APIs are how all modern software is built and distributed.  IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange.  IDX is a highly regulated a protocol that defines how real estate listing are published on the Internet.   MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.  Every region in the United States has a local MLS that all agents and brokers belong to.   MLSs evolved over the turn of century as real estate exchanges, to keep track of inventory, and predefined commission splits.

Contact Info:

  • support@agentsquared.com
  • 800-901-4428
  • 7310 Miramar Rd #320 San Diego, CA 92126

Meet the Team

Internet pioneers who have founded, built and sold leading brand name Internet brands such as Media Temple, Miva, and Attracta. AgentSquared is our latest success